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8 Best BBQ Restaurants in Karachi

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When it comes to discovering the best BBQ restaurants in Karachi, the city offers plenty of options that will leave even the most discerning foodies spoiled for choice. From humble hole-in-the-wall joints to upscale dining restaurants, Karachi has it all. 

Whether you’re seeking a casual street-side feast or a fine dining experience, the city’s BBQ landscape has something to offer every palate and preference.

It’s not just the taste that sets Karachi’s BBQ apart; it’s the entire experience. So, yourself as we explore some of the finest BBQ restaurants in Karachi.

List of 8 Best BBQ Restaurants in Karachi for Foodies!

Fire up your taste buds by sinking your teeth into juicy, smoky barbecue from the 8 most mouthwatering BBQ joints.

1. Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House

Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House
Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House

Stepping into Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House is like taking a trip back in time. This legendary establishment has been serving delectable kebabs since 1960, and their expertise is evident in every bite. 

From their renowned Gola Kebabs to the succulent Chicken Turkish Kebabs, each dish is prepared with love and precision. The restaurant’s commitment to upholding traditional grilling techniques and using high-quality ingredients sets it apart from the rest.

Address: Riaz Masjid, Dehli Saudagar Rd No. 4, Delhi Mercantile Society, P.E.C.H.S, Karachi
Phone: (021) 34538590 – (021) 34385600
Website: Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House
Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday: 5:30 PM – 12 AM

2. Zameer Ansari Kabab House

Zameer Ansari Kabab House
Zameer Ansari Kabab House

Hidden away in the bustling streets of Karachi, Zameer Ansari Kabab House offers an authentic BBQ experience. This restaurant takes pride in its age-old recipes and the use of quality ingredients. 

The beef seekh kebabs, succulent malai boti, and tantalizing chicken tikka are some of the highlights. The rustic ambiance adds to the charm, transporting you back in time as you delight in the flavorsome kebabs.

Branch 1: Alamgir Road, Opposite Alamgir Masjid, Bahadurabad, Karachi, Pakistan
Branch 2: 21/32 Chaudhry, Khaliq-uz-Zaman Rd, Block 8 Clifton, Karachi, 75400
Branch 3: A 563, Block 5, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi
Branch 4: D 1/1, Block D, North Nazimabad Town, Karachi

Phone: +92 334 4926337
Website: Zameer Ansari Kabab House
Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday: 2:30 PM – 4:30 AM

3. B.B.Q Tonight

B.B.Q Tonight
B.B.Q Tonight

When it comes to fine dining BBQ experiences in Karachi, BBQ Tonight stands head and shoulders above the rest. With multiple branches across the city, this upscale restaurant provides a lavish ambiance and a menu brimming with tantalizing options. 

From their sizzling mixed grills to their delectable Tandoori Prawns, every dish is a testament to their commitment to quality and taste.

Branch 1: 5/1, Boating Basin, Clifton, Block-5, Karachi, Pakistan
Phone: 021-111-227-111 or 021-35824471

Branch 2: Askari Shop#1, Mess#1, Zahidan Line, Malir Cantt, Karachi
Phone: 021-34903594-96

Branch 3: Lucky One Mall,PS-I, Main Rashid Minhas Road, Block-21, Opp UBL Sport Complex FB Area Karachi.
Phone: 021-37181210-3

Branch 4: Marine Drive, The Harbour Front, Dolmen City, HC-3, Block-4، Block 4 Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan
Phone: 021 35363017

Website: BBQ Tonight
Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday: 12 PM – 12 AM

4. Kolachi


Situated on the shores of the Arabian Sea, Kolachi offers not only a delectable BBQ experience but also a breathtaking view. The open-air seating and stunning ambiance create the perfect setting for an unforgettable evening. 

Kolachi’s signature BBQ platters feature a variety of kebabs, grilled seafood, and succulent prawns. The flavors are bold, the presentation is impeccable, and the overall experience is actually magical.

Address: Do Darya, Beach Avenue, Phase 8, Creek Side, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan
Phone: +92 21 111 111 001
Facebook: Kolachi Spirit of karachi
Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday: 5 PM – 1 AM

5. Kababjees


Kababjees is a modern restaurant that adds a contemporary twist to traditional BBQ. With its stylish decor and innovative menu, this upscale location to a diverse range of tastes. Whether you prefer the classic beef seekh kebabs or crave the unique flavors of chicken cheese kababs, Kababjees has something to offer. 

The vibrant ambiance and friendly staff create a welcoming ambiance for a delightful dining experience which makes it one of the best BBQ restaurants in Karachi.

Branch 1: Do Darya, Beach Avenue, Creek Side, Phase VIII, DHA Karachi
Branch 2: Karachi – Hyderabad Motorway, Sector 4 B Gulzar e Hijri, Scheme 33, Karachi
Branch 3: Aqeela Arcade, Opposite Happy School, main Shaheed e Millat Road, Karachi

Phone: 021-111-666-111
Website: Kababjees

6. Rizwan Kabab House

Rizwan Kabab House
Rizwan Kabab House

For an authentic kebab experience, Rizwan Kabab House is a must-visit. This humble eatery gained a reputation for its exceptional taste and affordable prices. Their Kabab Roll, Dhaga Chicken, and Gola Kabab are among the favorites of regular patrons. 

Rizwan Kabab House prides itself on simplicity, enabling the flavors of their kebabs to shine through. If you’re searching for a no-frills BBQ experience that delivers on taste, this is the place to be.

Address: 42 26th Ln, D.H.A. Phase 4 Phase 4 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75500, Pakistan
Phone: +92 321 2536466
Facebook: Rizwan Kabab House
Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday: 5 PM – 1 AM

7. Meerut Famous Kabab Paratha

Meerut Famous Kabab Paratha
Meerut Famous Kabab Paratha

Meerut Famous Kabab Paratha is a popular choice among BBQ lovers in Karachi. This family-run establishment has been serving delectable kebabs for over three decades. The use of fresh ingredients and homemade spice combinations sets their kebabs apart. 

The menu provides a wide variety of options, from spicy beef seekh kebabs to tender chicken malai tikka. The warm hospitality and cozy ambiance make Meerut Kabab House a favorite spot for casual dining.

Address:  Main Gurumandir Chowrangi, Jamshed Rd, Amil Colony, Karachi
Phone: +92 332 4448333
Facebook: Meerut Famous Kabab Paratha
Opening Hours:
Sunday – Friday: 7 PM – 3 AM
Saturday: 6:30 PM – 3:30 AM

8. Waheed Kabab House

Waheed Kabab House
Waheed Kabab House

Nestled in the center of Karachi’s iconic Burns Road, Waheed Kabab House has been delighting customers with its flavorful BBQ for decades. The restaurant’s unique blend of seasonings and their commitment to using only the freshest ingredients shine through in every dish.

Be sure to check out their Beef Boti and Mutton Chops for a truly satisfying meal. The casual ambiance and friendly staff create a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy a flavorful BBQ meal without breaking the bank

Gulshan Branch: FL 6/4 Shabbir Ahmed Usmani Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block-4 Karachi
Phone: 0322-2924333, 0324-2924333
Burns Road Branch: Sonehri Masjid, Burns Road, Karachi
Phone: 03232244932, 03252244499
Website: Waheed Kabab House
Opening Hours:
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday: 12:30 PM – 12 AM
Wednesday: 12 PM – 12 AM
Friday – Sunday: 12:30 PM – 12:45 AM


In a city that takes its food seriously, these top BBQ restaurants in Karachi have earned their place among the culinary elite. From spots that honor traditional flavors passed down through generations to contemporary joints that elevate barbecue to a luxurious dining experience, Karachi’s BBQ scene has it all.

So, embrace your inner foodie and embark on a quest to savor the best BBQ that Karachi has to offer. Your taste buds will thank you.


Q: What makes Karachi’s BBQ unique?
A: Karachi’s BBQ is unique due to the combination of skillful technique, flavorful spices, and the passion and dedication of the grill masters who work tirelessly over hot coals to create delicious kebabs.

Q: Do these BBQ restaurants offer outdoor seating?
A: Some of the BBQ restaurants on the list may offer outdoor seating options, providing a pleasant atmosphere for dining. However, availability may vary, so it’s recommended to inquire with the specific restaurant beforehand.

Q: Can I order takeaway or delivery from these BBQ restaurants?
A: Yes, many of these BBQ restaurants offer takeaway and delivery services. Some may have their own delivery service, while others may partner with food delivery platforms like Food Panda. It is advisable to check the restaurant’s website or contact them directly for more information.

Q: Can I find BBQ platters or combo meals at these restaurants?
A: Yes, many of these BBQ restaurants offer BBQ platters or combo meals that include a variety of kebabs, grilled meats, and accompaniments. These options allow you to sample different flavors in one convenient meal.

Q: Are these BBQ restaurants family-friendly?
A: Yes, these BBQ restaurants are generally family-friendly and welcome guests of all ages. Some may provide children’s menus, high chairs, or designated play areas to cater to families with young children.

Q: Do these BBQ restaurants offer catering services for events or parties?
A: Yes, many of these BBQ restaurants provide catering services for events and parties. They can customize menus, provide on-site grilling, and offer delivery or setup options to make your event memorable.


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